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A Romantic Suspense 

WILL CONNOR is a bush pilot in Alaska and on the run. Accused of murdering the only woman he ever loved, he takes refuge in the Alaska wilderness.

MAGGIE KILPATRICK is a Chicago police detective. When a tip leads her to Will's hiding place, her plane crashes. 

Will knows saving this police woman jeopardizes his freedom. Rescuing her is his only option though it means he'll have to leave the one place he considers home.

What neither of them planned on was falling in love.



A southern historical romance


Robert E. Lee has surrendered; Jefferson Davis is on the run; the federal treasury has disappeared. Then the Yankees visit Marsh Winds plantation. The consequences of that visit change a family’s destiny forever 

Throughout the war years, Katherine McTeer stayed on the family plantation, while one by one her brothers were killed fighting for the cause.

After surviving Andersonville prison camp, Union officer Rafferty Ashmore never wanted to return to the South, but his commanding officer had other ideas.

When Rafferty and Kate come together, the inevitable clash becomes complicated.

Both have secrets they’re hiding and an attraction they can’t ignore.




A Southern Suspense 

Seriously wounded OSI officer Kip McTeer returns to his home in Savannah, Georgia to recover, but before he can, he is forced into a world of intrigue and espionage. The sister of Anna Hanley, his high school sweetheart, is murdered. 

An arsonist is on the loose. Amid the gracious living of the costal South, Kip is drawn into a sinister plot that threatens to take both his and Anna’s lives. Forced to relive a past he wants to forget, he is spurred on by the memories. 


Will Connor is a bush pilot in Alaska. But thirteen years earlier he was Jamie Donovan and accused o

 Historical Romance 

Stolen from his mother at birth, Grey Eagle is raised as a Sioux. Tensions between the settlers and Indians are high, and some in Grey Eagle's tribe resent his prominence. They attack him and leave him for dead. The daughter of Fort Fremont's commander finds him. In order to save his life, Grey Eagle forces her to help him. 

Under dogged pursuit, Grey Eagle and Rhea flee, battling the elements, the Indians, the soldiers, and their growing attraction for one another. Can two hearts find lasting love in a territory torn by hatred and war?


  Historical Romance   

After years of fighting for Scotland against the English, Morgan Cameron returns to his home wounded and heartily sick of war. Loyal to his clan above all else, he is determined to end the feud and bring his father’s keep back from ruin.

First, however, he must untangle a web of deceit and hatred and defeat his mortal enemy, Damon MacKellar. The only way Morgan can accomplish this is by using Lesley MacKellar as his pawn. There is one problem with his plan—he had fallen in love with Lesley.

No Longer available in print.

About Ann Merritt

Ann Merritt, writer of love and adventure.

 Ann Merritt calls Savannah, Georgia home, but she spends as much time as she can with her two sons, their wives and her five grandchildren. She and her succession of Golden Retrievers enjoy summers in North Carolina.  Most of her stories draw from those two beautiful and exciting places that are so steeped in history and romance.


My next book, BLACK ICE, is set in the mountains of North Carolina. It is a romantic suspense and a tribute to our service men and women  whose selfless sacrifices  keep America free. 


To my readers: Writing is fun for me. I hope you enjoy the stories.

To my readers: 

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Thanks.